Allen Byrd CEO

Welcome to SPFT,

We’re glad you are here. Our young company aspires to the highest ideals that drive great American companies. We think you will like what you see in terms of talented people, innovative products and a service orientation that makes doing business with us a pleasure.

 Our key ideals…

Sustainability:  For us, sustainability starts with insuring the safety of our people and development of a continuous learning culture that inspires individuals to achieve their full potential.

Our high performance lightweight packaging products are made from 100% post-consumer recycled fiber using energy from biomass waste. These products meet the highest environmental standards earning FSC, SFI and PEFC certifications. 

Product Innovation: From the beginning, we embraced the challenge to provide new products that were not readily available in the market. Our first mark was producing 100% recycled bag papers that meet all performance standards for carry out bags and grocery sacks. We quickly gained distinction for that achievement and became a market leader. Development of ultra-lightweight corrugating medium for conventional box applications has been another area of distinction.  We are particularly proud of TechniFlute™, our new super strength medium  .  Our current focus is expanding creative applications for our ultralightweight linerboard products.

We believe our ultralightweight papers provide progressive converters new tools for providing the differentiated products their customers are demanding.

Differentiated Customer Centric Service: In our world, there is no substitute for customer appreciation. It’s simple, when you are the new kid in a very established neighborhood you have to prove you can do something special to earn your chance. Our service model is people that enjoy helping customers supported by the latest information technology.   

Operational Excellence: SPFT is blessed with some of the best papermaking assets in the world. Our machines are the fastest, widest lightweight packaging machines in North America. Additionally, our extraordinary energy assets are designed to produce steam and electricity from biomass waste. This excellent manufacturing platform provides us a competitive edge for producing ultralightweight packaging papers…..our specialty.

 As you see, we are ambitious and want to be your best supplier. We hope your experience with our web site supports that quest.

Thank you for your interest in SPFT!